Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Knitting: If a Plane Leaves Miami...

I'm still going on the Brown Bridgewater Shawl.  The garter stitch center square has taken me so long, and appears to have no end in sight, I decided to do some calculating to find out just how much time I've put into this thing.  I was not up to the task.

I asked a group of fellow Ravelry members (and True Blood fanatics) for help.  My friend did some astounding math for me, and figured that if my widest row took me ten minutes to complete (I'd timed myself) then by the time I get to the last stitch, I will have worked on the shawl for approximately 33 hours.

Here's the kicker... as you can see from the link, there's a six or eight inch lace border.  I would imagine by the time I'm done this will be a 60 hour shawl.  LACE ISN'T EASY.  It might even be 80 hours.  More if the pattern ends up being persnickety and I have to rip back.

This yarn, though, is gorgeous.  It is the exact reddish brown of a beloved teddy bear I had as a child, and far softer than that acrylic bear ever was.  Amazingly, it does not itch at all.  I may have found my new go-to yarn for lace weight projects with a slight halo (fuzziness) needed.  Goodbye mohair blends!!

Plus, the Alpaca is the greenest animal.

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