Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Knitting: It's not subtle...

I *did* manage to finish my "Petunia" Erquy before Valentine's Day, imagine that.  Even with forgetting to do decreases seven or eight times (because I refused to use stitch markers for some strange reason) and having to rip back five or six rows by the time I noticed the mistakes.  This was all in one day.  I believe I actually broke down in tears at one point, because it was four rows forward, three rows back one entire day.  I should have taken the hint and tried a different project till I got my mojo back, but I was being stubborn.

Now perhaps my online friends will believe me when I tell them I have NO BOOBS.  Seriously.  All body fat has and always will be somewhere from the waist down.  I got seriously shafted in the genetics department.  Ask my sister Destiny... I believe she took my share.  :P

I'm now in one of those annoying "can't decide what I'm working on" project frenzies.  I started and frogged about five things since finishing the Erquy.  I'd cast on a basic shawl with some leftover Noro Silk Garden, hate the texture, and start a crochet cotton scarf, planning to add some flowers or something to the plain netting background, then get bored with doing the netting.  Got some lovely flowers done though.

It's not like I don't have three projects languishing in bags already.  Oh no.

See the problem is, since I decided to start trying selling finished knitting on my shop, I feel guilty if I'm knitting something that's for me.  I'm doing a twin sweater set IN LACE WEIGHT YARN.  It's a vintage pattern, absolutely lovely, but the shell and cardigan will take lifetimes to knit.  I'm using Knit Picks Shadow in Midnight on double 0 Addi Turbo needles.  I don't know if I wanted a challenge, or I just wanted to use up the eleven skeins of laceweight I had, but I am determined to carry it through.  It's just a LOT of knitting.

The other two projects that have been sitting for a while are an Estonian lace scarf I had planned to give to my sister, and the Bridgewater shawl by Jared Flood.  Right now the Bridgewater is still in the garter-stitch center panel stage.  It's boring, and I'm getting tired of counting all those stitches to see if I'm DONE YET and can start decreasing.  Since the increases are on both ends, I can't mark off chunks of stitches so I can speed up my counting the next time through.   Well, I could, but the stitch markers would move, so I'd have to figure out where the center is, mark off say 100 in that section, and just count the ends.  Meh.

The Estonian lace scarf is complex, and I love it, but I worked on it for two days and have about four inches of scarf.  It's not just that it's in a fine yarn, but all those bobbles seriously slow me down.  That, and I think there HAS to be a mistake in the chart.  Some of the yarn-overs are not lining up properly.  When I looked up the errata, there WAS a revised chart, but the highlighted changes look exactly the same as the chart in my book, and do NOT fix the problem I have.

So I'm a little pissed off at that one.

Anyway, all this adds up to it being a complete mystery as to WHAT is going to be finished on next week's blog.  If anything.

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  1. Your petunia turned out very nice! I couldn't wear a top like that because I was a little too blessed with bazookas! Lol.
    I look forward to dropping by to see what you are working on!
    (Rav: ApeClems)