Saturday, October 17, 2009

Food: Supplemental edition

Madcap grocery expedition today. Kroger is apparently really hot on this 10/10$ thing they've got going. Some of the deals are good, some not so much, so you really have to keep an eye on it. I picked up:

10 lbs. Red Delicious Apples
10 lbs. Pears
some corn and flour tortilla packs for a dollar each
10 Pasta-Roni
10 lbs. Ground Chuck
10 lbs. red grapes
10 lbs. long grain rice (in two pound packs)
5 lbs yellow squash

Everything was a dollar each, except the Chuck, which was $1.50 per pound. Since I have a freezer full of apple pie filling, this time I'm going to make apple butter, and pear butter, and can it. I *might* try to make pear mincemeat for pies and can it, instead, but since I haven't eaten many mincemeat pies, I'm not sure about that one.

The ground chuck will get boiled, bagged and frozen. The grapes could be gone by Monday (by which I mean my family eats them like fiends), but if they're not, I'll possibly can those in a light syrup. I have no idea what to do with canned grapes, but hey, if I can preserve them I will. Maybe Jam would be a better idea.

I have a dentist's appointment on Tuesday, finally, to get my two crowns done. Once I know how much that will set me back (we found out hubby's insurance provider DID change back in January, so everything's up in the air again), I'm planning on getting a pressure canner, some more jars/lids, and probably a food mill. That will make canning the squash a little safer, lol. The fruits are all high-acid foods, so they can be safely canned in a hot water bath, which I'm already set up for.

I'm already looking forward to seeing my pantry full of jars of fruit and veggies. :D

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