Thursday, October 29, 2009

Store Stuff Update: I'm writing about the Store, so it must be Thursday

Sales picked up this last couple weeks, but I'm still not in "OMG it's the holidays and everyone's shopping" mode. The "True Blood" series of rovings has been quite popular, between the second season of the show ending, and Halloween being around the corner.

I don't mean to capitalize on someone else's success, I just have a really, really hard time naming things. It helps to come up with a theme for a series, that way there's less worry and stress.

I'm really bad at writing slogans for my ads, too... too bad I can't come up with a solution for that problem! Well, actually there is... it involves just the name of the shop and pictures, but it's hard to be satisfied with pictures that are only 98 pixels tall.

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