Thursday, October 8, 2009

Store Stuff Update: It's Aliiiiiive

As you can see if you're reading this straight from the website, the store is back up. Thanks to everyone who sent notes of sympathy and concern!

For right now, I'm relisting products that expired, and colorways that I've reprised. Home life has been too intense (and my kitchen too filled with food!) for me to enter into any serious R&D at the present time. Nobody wants dye in their meatballs.

I'm still trying to graph price trends in undyed wool. Maybe it's the supplier I use, but they don't seem to have seasonal trends. You would think there'd be a sharp drop in prices right before spring to clear space for new supplies at shearing time, but such is not the case.

In any case, if the US Postal service decides to hike their prices again this coming spring, my prices will also have to climb, since I get slammed at both ends... both buying and selling. Selling is not so big a deal, as people expect me to charge the amount of postage for their item to get to them. The problem comes when I have to pay more to get the raw materials to myself in the first place. It ALL has to be figured in.

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