Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knitting and Fiber: Practically hoof to sweater

This week I am planning to embark on something I thought I'd never do... spin (and then knit) an entire sweater's worth of yarn.

Frankly, I'm undertaking this quest mostly because the alternatives are just too darn expensive. If you want an aran-to-bulky thick n thin yarn, there certainly aren't any cheap alternatives. For an entire cardigan, you're looking at $100 minimum. Spinning your own isn't much cheaper... the natural oatmeal BFL I plan on using requires at least 96 ounces to make the required yardage at the weight that will give the correct guage. Even at the bulk discount, that's close to the same amount... why would I choose to spin my own? Entertainment per dollar ratio, coupled with the fact that I already have close to the necessary amount on hand.

At some point this week I mean to start my halloween socks. Orange toes, black heels, and stripes all the way up. How far up? It's a mystery... one that can only be solved by knitting till I run out of yarn.

My blue cotton Log Cabin blanket is actually close to being completed. It was intended for cold mornings to go down to the bus stop. Plus, for some reason I've always been fond of the cotton blankets they have in hospitals... despite where they come from, they seem warm, snuggly, and durable. I'm hoping my home-knit version will prove to be the same.

The plum colored wool version is taking a bit longer. That's intended to be a "luxury" blanket, and I plan to make it quite a bit larger. Something to snuggle under while watching movies.

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