Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knitting: Not quite in gear

I am STILL on my blankets... I'm just not in a knitting mood right now. Didn't start my halloween socks (I've resigned myself to the fact that they will not be finished)and fortunately found a way around having to KNIT my daughter's halloween costume, as she's caught the Harry Potter bug and was wanting me to knit the wizard's robe from Charmed Knits. I mean, please. I'll be happy to do it when I don't have a deadline, but not with less than a month to go, and little money for yarn. Hellooo!

I DID manage to finally mail off my uncle's test socks. They've been hanging out on the back of the couch for two weeks, mocking me.

I've been far more interested in reading, which isn't so odd... hubby decided that I MUST read some Sidney Sheldon, which is fine, and bought a stack of used paperbacks from a store near his work. Mr. Sheldon is a fine writer, but I found some of his characterizations of women slightly naive, and quite frankly, sometimes insulting. I had to check the publish date on a few of them. One was from '69, which, okay, I get the caveman-like attitude about women, but the one from '95 made me feel like sending him a feminist book. Something from the Friedan ouvre.

Once I finished those, I was back into the Sookie Stackhouse books (snort... after a rant about feminism) to remind myself about the plotlines from the book, since we'd just finished watching season two of True Blood. They took liberties. I haven't decided whether or not they are good or bad ones. They ARE hitting all the high points (like sneaky Eric Northman) but the blending of the plots of books two and three was a little odd, and I would have preferred that they not have changed the incident near the end of season two to a bomb instead of a shooting. I can see why they did it, especially if they're trying to step up the "use" of the plotlines, but I was looking forward to more of Barry the telepathic bellboy.


  1. Ah, Sidney Sheldon. I was on a kick reading his books awhile back. I agree with your assessment, you certainly have to turn off your higher brain functions to enjoy his work. The last book of his I read was "The Stars Shine Down" and it's the only one I found that was really awful!

    It's gotten to the point where I lots of his books, but since so many of the plots are pretty cookie cutter, I couldn't remember if I'd read it before.

    I've been knitting pretty consistently lately. Right now I'm making simple gloves for the brother.

  2. Yes. Cookie cutter is an apt description. The kind of books I call "junk food" books, mostly because I can read one a day, but I don't feel like I come away from them with any deep thoughts.