Monday, August 23, 2010

Food and Budget: Back to School

I was just telling a friend that I think I've caught the "back to school nesting" thing I saw another blogger type about last week.  I know things are going to be crazy-hectic, so I'm getting the freezer and pantry ready for everything.

Over the weekend we went grocery shopping, spent way too much, and now I'm canning and preserving it all.  Between cooking, bagging, and storing meat in the freezer and making jams for canning in the pantry, I'm worn out!  I cooked several pounds of chicken thighs, stripped them of their bones and skin, saved the cooking broth, and bagged the meat and froze it.  I made a strawberry-raspberry jam, an orange marmalade, and salsa.  I canned all those over the weekend.  I'm thinking my electric bill is going to be huge!  Do you know how much water it takes to cover quart jars in a canner?  Then heat it to boiling and sustain that boil for over 15 minutes?  Oof.

I'm glad we did the school supply shopping early this year.

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