Friday, August 6, 2010


Huh, Wednesday's knitting post title promised something about felting, and then I just didn't mention it at all.  My mistake.  Rest assured (I know, you've been on the edge of your seat!) there is felting involved in the project and I should be running it through the wash some time this weekend.  Now, back to television...

Psych is back for the summer; its premiere kind of snuck up on me.  Needless to say, Sean and Gus are still hilarious as always.  I miss the little a capella 80's numbers they used to do at the ends of episodes, but maybe it's because I'm watching through Amazon and not recording USA's broadcast on my Tivo.

I'm a bit behind on watching "The Gates".  The Roku thoughtfully moves shows with new episodes up to the front of the list, but for some reason it takes a day or two.  I am thoroughly caught up on Warehouse 13, Covert Affairs, and enjoyed the second episode of Rubicon.

Warehouse 13 threw me for a loop this week.  Not only was there character crossover from Eureka (Fargo installing the new computer system was a nice touch) but a reappearance of one of my favorite actors from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Renee Auberjonois (and don't think I didn't have to look up how to spell THAT) as an addled former warehouse agent.  It looks as though he will be joining the cast on Eureka.  Nice!

As my husband would say, good to see he's still working.

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