Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Knitting: Cloaks and Felting

Still working on my daughter's LotRO cloak.  I've finished the main body of the thing, steeked it, and yesterday I picked up for the hood and got about a quarter of that done.  I really (seriously!) wanted to run pictures with this post, but it's a mass of black every time I take a picture... you can't see zip for detail.  Maybe once I start picking up and knitting the border, which will have some gold in it at least.

The cloak kind of took over as far as the knitting projects go.  I simply wanted to get it finished so I could know how much yarn it would take to make a full-sized adult version for the geeky mom in the family (yes, me).  The answer is... a lot.  It looks like the child size is taking up 12 50g skeins of sport yarn held double, and that is before I do the border with a mixture containing a second color.

My attempt at tapestry on the rigid heddle loom is not going so well.  The weaving part is fine, it's the stitch in my *back* every time I sit at the loom that's slowing things down.  It must be something about the angle at which I"m sitting, or the table height, I don't know.  I may have to spend that ridiculous amount of money on the stand for my loom.  I hate to spend that kind of money on about four sticks and a couple of bolts, but clearly my coffee table is ergonomically incorrect.  In some fashion.

And I promised the hubby I would weave some attractive pillow covers for the couch.  Hmph.

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