Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gaming: Secret Project

Mother... seriously, I tried contacting you two different ways on your birthday and no dice.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.  Hopefully you get that one.

I'm still LotRO-ing, but I'm also taking part in an Alpha/Beta project that I can't talk about.  No, seriously, I can't.  Lets just say the company behind this product I was Alpha testing, and now Beta testing, has so much money that they could squash me like a bug if I break the non-disclosure agreement.

So you're stuck hearing about LotRO.

Our little family kinship had a goal this past week to max out everyone's crafting skills, and it was amazing how the three of us pulled together and got it mostly done.  There was a lot of running around, gathering ore and hides, and a lot of standing at workbenches and forges.  A few characters didn't complete their Supreme tiers, but we got a lot accomplished, despite the fact that Monkey Pants had band camp (and yes, there was a lot of eye rolling in the house about that) for two hours a day all last week.

This week's goal is to choose one character and increase their reputation with one of the in-game factions, whether it's the Elves of Rivendell, the Men of Bree, or what-have-you.  The gang seems less enthusiastic about this goal.  Personally, all my characters that needed to get into places that required reputation have maxed theirs already, but I was willing to gather mathoms and sashes to help my guys out.  MP is in a "don't feel like playing" mood this week, and Barronius likes doing his own thing, so we're pretty much just doing free-play anyway.

Edited to add:  I just heard a ridiculous statistic... over 500 games are scheduled for release between now and the end of the year.  AUGH!  Game companies are dooming themselves, trying to grab a piece of the Christmas dollar.  KNOCK IT OFF!  Really, you think anyone can pick *your* game out in that insane amount of noise?  Get real.

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