Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gaming: House of the Black Swamp

Barronius and his fancy helmet
We're still going all out in LotRO.  This week our small kinship managed to get the game money together for a modest kinship house in the Shire.  All the house-related items we've had stowed in the bank for the past three years (have we had memberships for that long already?) have been put in the house, creating a decorator's nightmare of eccentricity.

Kinship house exterior

My Sabertooth trophy and a pesky doormouse and his cheese.

A breakfast table I crafted in the main hall.

Sinister Keg... drink from it and you end up in a random location with no pants.
 I forget how I got the Sinister Keg.  I believe it was for completing a quest for the Inn League.  I do remember that when I drank from it, it was the first time I'd ever been in snowy Forochel. 
My Room

Main Hall
The Kinship house has two sections, so you can decorate the walls, floors, and music separately for those two sections.  I wish it was a room-by-room so I could have my personal colors and theme music in my room only.  Ah well.

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