Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gaming: Still in the Shire

The family is still on its LotRO kick. (That's Lord of the Rings Online for the newcomers) so far we have started new characters on the Landroval server and taken them to level 11 strictly through questing as a family.  In fact, those specific characters are intended only for use when we're all together.... no side-questing solo.  Little monkey pants finds questing "boring" and would much rather stand in the Inn and play music, but we manage to get a bit done each weekend.

Right now, I am switching between all my characters on LotRO and playing a couple of single-player games... in fact, I'm farming Mint leaves on Silverlode while typing this.  Farming is SO boring... but the best money-maker.  Once I'm done with my daily crop-gathering, it's off to play Dawn of Discovery or possibly some rare gaming time on the Xbox 360.  Since MP co-opted my rental copy of Scribblenauts the DS is pretty much out of the picture.

As a Kinship (Guild) on LotRO, we don't have many lofty goals.  Levelling our characters to the next crafting-tool tier, earning enough gold to purchase and sustain a Kinship house, experiencing some of the content that we simply cannot experience as solo players... that's pretty much it.  So we're not getting the best raid and PvP gear... we don't really care about those areas of the game anyway.  We just like being immersed in Middle-Earth surroundings.  And that's okay... sometimes the cool, leafy surroundings of the Shire or Rivendell is preferable to the 100+ degree heat of east Texas.

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