Friday, July 9, 2010

Television: Highbrow Conspiracy

I've been playing with a new toy, a Roku media streaming player.  Since our second Blu-Ray player completely died (Ugh, never buy LG products... its Blu-Ray lasted less than six months, and the streaming died after a year) I'd been looking for a way to stream Netflix's Watch it Now selections, and the Roku is amazing.   Not only does it stream Netflix, but can stream my entire library from my associated Amazon account.  No more waiting for them to download to my TiVo on slow internet days.

I had the good fortune to spot a little freebie gem on Amazon's Video on Demand, a new A&E series called "Rubicon".  It's a little hard to describe, but imagine if you were watching the first season of "Alias" from the point of view of the guy who sat at his desk all day analyzing data.  Now imagine if he finds something unusual, gives it to his boss, and his boss gets mysteriously killed.

I'm probably making it sound terribly dry, and it does start out terribly dry, but it has all the hallmarks of what could be my next obsessional TV show, without the possibility of a disappointing ending like "LOST".  There are small, repeated clues, details to be observed, and mysteries to be unraveled.  The pilot is currently being offered for free, so by all means check it out for yourself.  You can watch it right on site if you don't have a streaming player.  The minute I saw where the dead guy's car was parked, I went "Aha!".  I knew this was a show I could love.  Maybe you will too.

Last summer's favorite, Warehouse 13 has returned with a bang.  Literally.  I can't wait to see how this steampunk-esqe X-files storage facility gets in trouble this season.  Saul Rubinek is always a joy to watch, and the leads played by Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly contrast against each other in an intriguing way.  I'm not too sure about last year's mid-season addition of Allison Scagliotti's character, but I suppose she's there to add comic relief and a younger generational appeal.  Personally I find her annoying.

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