Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knitting: Stuff has looked better

Gave up on the Ms. Green I started and frogged it.  Apparently my gauge was way off, and I didn't feel like making a skort, thanks.

I've finished the back of my Tempest and started on the left front.  I've also given up on reading the chart for the KP Snowflake socks, and instead have decided to just carry the viney cables up the two sides, leaving the middle plain stockinette instead of that gawd-awful "snowflake" pattern.  Sorry, but when the horizontal bars of this supposed snowflake recede past the reverse-stockinette of the background, while the vertical bars of the snowflake pop out in front of the background, it no longer looks like a snowflake.  That, and there's some kind of writing error with the cluster stitches that was throwing off my stitch counts.  It looked like crap.

The multitude of $1 skeins of sport weight wool I ordered from Knit Pick's "oops, the factory screwed up" sale have arrived.  While I agree with them that they are more over-twisted than their sportweight usually is, it doesn't look that bad.  Of course, it has not been knitted into a swatch and washed yet... all kinds of weird and unusual things could happen then.

I ordered WAY MORE than I should have, but I do have plenty to make my daughter a felted cloak she requested "just like the one in Lord of the Rings Online".  I think she wants to sneak around the house with her hood up, pretending she's her burglar character.  Oy.  Personally I've always thought about making myself one, with a more generous cut to it, so that I can wear it down to wait with her for the bus.  It's like a blanket that doesn't fall off, yes?  Why not?  It's not like I'm a fashionista anyway, not with the crazy hand-knit socks I wear.  So I'll make a smaller version for her and see how it goes.  It's going to be a long-ass series of projects, so I want to clear the decks before I start them.  If only I could get a definitive answer as to how much shrinkage to expect, but there are too many variables.  I'm going to have to (gasp!) knit a swatch, felt it, and do some math.

Yes, gramma, I did need math for real life.  You win.  :D

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