Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knitting: Project Overload

If you look at the column on the right of this entry (assuming you're reading at the actual blog site, not off my Facebook tie-in) you'll see a list of my current knitting projects and their current progress bars.  Yeah, I kinda went nuts.  I think the New Year's resolution is officially blown.

Part of the list, though, is the reason I made the resolution in the first place.  Unfinished objects, or UFOs in knitter's parlance.  I've started picking them back up, trying to get them finished off and usable... like the Moderne Log Cabin blanket.  It's the difference between one more bag of yarn taking up space, and another afghan... taking up space.

Got some new books this week.  My daughter gave the Socks a la Carte 2 an "awesome!" and "coolest book ever".  The little mix-and-match flippy section in the back is what did it.  Personally I would have been more impressed with the flippy section if the instructions were actually ON those pages, instead of just as a visualization aid, but it is somewhat handy the way it is.

I also got a book on knitting with the Brioche stitch... I actually have a UFO using the Knit one below method that I was trying to design on the fly, but the increases and decreases were making me crazy.  I was hoping the Brioche book would help me in that regard, and it does look like it will fit the bill provided I get five minutes of peace to actually concentrate.  It's been a gonzo-nuts kind of week, and next week won't be much better.

Monkey-pants has a school-related thing next week.  Yep.  It's insane how early in the year school stuff starts these days.  She has some kind of "back-to-band" assessment week.  Has she touched her flute at all this summer?  Heck no.  I'm thinking there will be tears, complaints, and "I hate band!" comments flying around.  I'll let her quit, if she wants... she stuck it out for a year... but when she *was* concentrating on it, she loved it.  That's my only concern. She's easily distracted, and being in the school band does take a minimum amount of commitment, especially if there are events out of town that you need to attend, such as playing at away games or parade-type events.  But it needs to be a continual commitment, not an "okay this month I feel like it" commitment.  I'm not sure if making her do it will teach her about committing to something, or just make her resentful.  Guh, now I feel like I need childhood development courses.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, assume I'm running around like a chicken, etc.

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