Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gaming: Sometimes, gear is everything...

So last week we had a brief power outage... one of those just-long-enough-to-say-hey flickers before it comes back on again.  We had a casualty though... my Zboard keyboard.  It was a couple years old anyway, and I didn't like the way the drivers were set up... who ever heard of a USB keyboard that you HAVE to plug into the exact same USB port as when you installed the drivers or the system doesn't recognize it?  Plus, the games I really wanted keysets for, they never had them.

So despite the fact that I'm saving up my allowance for... something to be determined (either a four-shaft loom, a new HDMI capable receiver, or a house, lol) I bit the bullet and ordered a new keyboard.  I got the Logitech G15, a gamer's keyboard if ever there was one.   I *almost* got the fancier model, the Logitech G19, but for more than twice the price, you only get two additional features (color display panel and changeable color LED backlighting for the keys) so I restrained myself.

This is an excellent keyboard.  Not only does it have a three-bank set of programmable macro keys (perfect for MMORPGs) it's quiet and so far very reliable.  The small mono-chrome display is just an added bonus.

The only drawback?  Now my daughter wants one.  Sigh.

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