Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gaming: I Got Nothin'

Gaming has been a steady, uneventful stream of NCAA 2010, Star Trek: Online (which is getting better by the week, folks), and casual games.  I did discover two casual gems though, purely by accident through Amazon "Suggestions"... Liong: Dragon Dance and Liong: Lost Amulets.  They kind of take Majongg and turn it on its ear, making the matching a race against time.  I like it.  Regular Majongg can put me to sleep at times, but I can play Liong all day... long.  Almost slipped a pun in there.

I also stumbled across a little time-management hootenanny called "Tourist Trap".  It's a basic wait-for-resources build-fest with a twist.  While the game is fun, and its kitschy humor is amusing, the *waiting* is horrible.  Even with random fires and the occasional damaged building thrown in, it's the kind of game you need to keep a good book on hand while you wait for the dollars to roll in.

Meanwhile, I have decided what I'm going to do next week when I can finally fall off the non-knitting wagon... beaded knitting.  That is, after I finish that cursed cardigan.  More on that tomorrow.

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