Friday, March 12, 2010

Television: Good Again

Finally, stuff to talk about.

LOST episode titled "Dr. Linus" finally gave us the flash-sideways story about Ben Linus and what his life is like without the island.  Not surprisingly, he is much better off, and I think happier and a better person.  They're *still* not answering many of the old questions.  We have, like, nine episodes left... can you really get it all done in time?  "Season of answers" my red fanny.

We finally saw "Zombieland".  It was okay, but it was no "Shaun of the Dead".  Solid movie though. The rules list, and its quirky appearance during the film, had us in stitches, but there were aspects of the story that were annoying or stupid.  I could have done without the Bill Murray bit.  And does Woody Harrelson have to constantly remind us that he's pro-legalization?  I mean really?

It's Spring Break for my little munchkin.  This usually means I'm too busy to blog, but we'll see how it goes.  She has some kind of big science display project so hopefully it will keep the "I'm Bo-o-o-ored" chorus to a minimum.

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