Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knitting: Oh come on already...

The Knit Picks Classic Lines Cardigan has killed my will to knit.  Before it was just a suspicion, now it's confirmed.  In my spring cleaning frenzy, I was going through my yarn stash, trying to bring some kind of order to it by sorting into space bags by yarn weight or putting the kits in a separate location, and I caught myself wistfully sighing over  a handbag kit.  Clearly, I wanted to knit.  I did NOT want to knit further on that cardigan, though.  I don't know why... it's a cute sweater.  I'm doing it in my favorite colors.  Maybe it's a combination of counting rounds for the stripes (six rounds apart) and counting rounds between increases and decreases (seven rounds apart).  It's annoying.  Sure, I can do it in my head without fancy gadgets, or count from my last one, but it's so *irritating* that for my particular size, the counts for the two are one round off.  It seems to me a decent designer could create a pattern that doesn't KILL the joy of knitting.

During my stash-tossing (rotating the stash around, NOT throwing anything away, lol) I found and set aside my Mr. Foster and his outfits kit, and the Carmen Banana kit.  I am determined to find the joy in knitting again, and what better way than cute, dressable knit toys?  Size 1 and 3 needles though... sigh.

Maybe I need to find a bulky project.


  1. I started a sweater for my sister a year ago. I have the arms and most of the body done. All that needs to be done is joining and the yoke. I just cannot bring myself to get it done.

  2. My knitting mojo got thrown out of wack with my sore wrist and new DS fixation.

    So I'm making a goal to knit at least two nights out of the week so I can finish the shawl I was knitting for my vacation last month. ;)