Saturday, March 6, 2010

Miscellaneous: Big Four-Two Update

After reading several of the one-star and two-star reviews on Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle DX, we did a little research into Sony and Nook e-readers, because quite frankly, the negative reviews had enough horror stories in them to make us think twice about a Kindle.  $600 is a lot of dough.

We dismissed the Sony offerings after looking at a few of them.  Just not the right features, and not a great selection of titles.

It was hard to find negative reviews about the Nook, partly because they don't have direct consumer feedback about it available on their site, but blogs and articles are out there if you feel like googling for them.  We've decided we're going to go with a Nook instead of the Kindle for a couple of reasons.

1)  Color Touch screen in addition to the e-ink reading screen is a big plus in our book.  No pun intended.
2)  While smaller in size than the DX, the Nook is comparable in size to the regular Kindle, but has the feature in point 1 above.
3)  The price point on the Nook means we can get one for each of us for what we'd pay for the single Kindle DX plus an extended warranty.  It also means if I'm somehow clumsy with it, I'm out a lot less money, and hubby will have his for me to fall back on.  :D
4)  The consumer-reported fragility of the e-ink screen, which will cost $300 to replace, on the Kindle DX scares the bejeezus out of me, especially since it sounds like customer warranty support is hit-or-miss, depending on what person answers the phone.  I don't want to feel like I have to carry a second insurance policy on the darn thing JUST to cover damages that Amazon won't.

Plus I like the idea of personalized goofy things like screensavers.

We still have a month and a half before this goes down, but I've already started my e-book wishlist over on  Right now it's a surfeit of Paranormal Romance titles, but I intend on rounding it out with some classics and contemporary thrillers.  In the meantime, B&N has their own PC reader software, and a nice assortment of free titles.  I've been checking them out with the laptop, but that got me started thinking about an iPad instead... uhoh.

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