Monday, March 1, 2010

Food: The shop is on

With the unexpected arrival of a bonus check last Friday, we did a little celebration.  First, the eye doctor for me, and since this was our first visit there, a trip to the McD's we noticed right behind it afterward.  Woohoo, we know how to live it up, huh?

Then, groceries.  Once those eye drops wore off, it was shopping time for all those great flyer bargains I wanted to cherry pick but didn't think  we'd have the money for.  You know, pesky things like RENT keep getting in the way.  Proper steaks, this time chosen by moi.  I went easy on the meats, but they did have a sale on chicken breasts, so two packages of those for homemade nuggets for the freezer.  I still had a box and a half of plain corn flakes that makes a great crumb coating for chicken.  So that's planned this week.

The rest was mostly sides and incidentals that I needed, like canned vegetables, canned tomatoes, and those pasta sides that are cheap and fast to make.  Hubster also splurged behind my back and bought ice cream pints for each of us.  My kid was "discovering" marshmallows in her Rocky Road before I could blink.

Oh, yes... and remember last year when I sent him to the store for a SINGLE pack of hot dog buns and he came back with the limit of TEN packages, and I had nowhere to store them?  On a second trip to the store, he did the same thing again, this time with hamburger buns.  Yuh-huh.  This time I was prepared though.  One of my huge plastic flour canisters (that holds 25lbs of flour) was empty so I stacked the packages in there and sealed them up.  And now I knew what to do with those last two pounds of hamburger that I needed to use up... sloppy Joes.  Between the three of us and having seconds for dinner on Sunday night, we used up an entire pack.  I may make some of the chicken breasts into patties instead of nuggets, as Barronius likes chicken sandwiches with the crunchy patties from the store.  Throw some sauce and mozzarella on it and it's divine.

Oh, and they had a sale on Texas white mushrooms, so I'm going to be sauteeing up two pounds of those and freezing them in single portions for the freezer.  They're great for adding to sandwiches too.

I MAY be gearing up for a jewelry booth at a local celebration in April... I don't know yet.  It depends on whether I think I can crank out enough product before then to supply a booth for an entire day.  I would also have to buy a 10x10 tent and display materials, not to mention signage.  Before Friday I would have said there was no way, but the bonus put us back in the black with room to spare.  What does that mean for my interweb customers?  Not a lot, except for the bitching and moaning I might be doing... and whatever doesn't sell will go up on the shop in May.  That's IF I decide to do this thing.  I may wait until next fall, because we're planning to move.  If the show is successful, it will help a lot... but if it's a bust, it could set us back a bit, and I REALLY want to get out of this apartment.  We've been here almost since Katrina, and it's starting to really grate on us how small it is. 

Also, our neighbors are annoying... not that you can't get that anywhere.  I'm just saying.

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