Thursday, March 4, 2010

Store Stuff: Shopping as an art form

Right now I am struggling to balance my spending between practical and *want*.  There are a lot of things I want, but they're just not practical to buy, like first-season sets of all my TV shows.  I mean, yeah, I play DVDs while I'm working, but I don't think the IRS would let that count.

But Amazon is having a sale.  A huge one... stuff I've had on my wish list for a year is 68% off!

But... I had an idea.  Branching out this year to make accessories for Prom-goers.  That means a lot of pearls, beads, and materials.  Fabric.  *Inventory*  And I can't trade in DVDs for that.  Plus I had that beading software I had my eye on.  Everything on my purchase plans is a fixed amount, everything except the things I *want* that are on sale.  Either I delay my plans, or buy the DVDs after the sale is over.

Arg.  Being a grown-up sucks.

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