Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gaming: Moodlets

Well I got sucked back into the distraction that is "The Sims 3".  Delete a family and start a new one and it's amazing how much more interesting it gets when you only have $40 a day coming in.

"World Adventures" was really a clever, well-executed expansion pack.  For someone like me, who cut her teeth on logic puzzles, the tombs in the distant lands provide a decent diversion.  I only wish there were more of them, and that they reset for subsequent generations.  Although I suppose once Indiana Jonesette has fully explored a tomb and sprung the trap, there's nobody left to push that big boulder allllllll the way back to the top.

And now that I've re-learned the whole "romance-a-sim" thing, getting married is easy.  The trick is to get it done in 90 sim days if your lifespans are set to the normal speed.  I mean, heck, a girl can barely top out her career in that time, much less make time for a boyfriend.

In other gaming news, Steam recently had a sale on "Star Trek: Online" so I bought my husband the digital deluxe version as a gift.  They've released their first batch of new content, titled "Season 1".  It includes perks for lifetime subscribers, like a title and access to a lifetime only area on starbases.  I'm not exactly sure why I should be thrilled by this.  It's not like I go into the game to *chat*.  However, I did join the "Totally Rad Fleet", a group of guys who are fans of the "Totally Rad Show", a weekly podcast that's pretty much a movie/gamer geekfest that I totally love.  The fans seem to comprise a decent fleet, but so far I haven't needed their aid for anything.  The game is pretty solo-able.

Next week I hope to be talking to you about Bioshock 2.  Although I think I'm buying a coffee table (finally!!!) out of my allowance so it might be tight.  We'll see.

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