Monday, May 24, 2010

Food: Pressing Business

My kitchen has been in upheaval for two weeks now... I had a leaky faucet and then my garbage disposal *fell off*.  Has maintenance been here to fix it?  Heck no.  Meanwhile, I can't wash a dish, because the dishwasher drains into the garbage disposal.

How have I been coping?  Paper plates and a new waffle iron.  But not just any waffle iron... the Black and Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Baker.  This thing has saved my butt, mostly because of the inter-changeable plates that let you do waffles *or* panini press sandwiches.  The non-stick plates mean I don't have to wash a pan, just wipe down when cool.

I just have to remember to check which way the plates are flipped *before* I heat it up.  Flipping them with oven mitts on is NOT recommended.

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