Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knitting: Thiiiiis Close

The New Traditions afghan is almost done.  I would probably have been done with it last night if I hadn't messed up aligning two strips of the squares and had to undo an entire strip.  They've all been pieced together in strips of three squares, and I'm halfway done putting those strips together.  Depending on when you read this, I may be completely done.

Once it's finished, I'm diving back into the Girly Top, and then it's up in the air.  I've completely warped up my rigid heddle Kromski Harp loom for a large tote bag, but honestly I like the immediacy of sewing much better than weaving, especially since with two heddles the warp yarn is sticking in the heddle slots and I'm having a hard time getting a clean shed.  I did splurge on two Interweave Knits CD collections... all the issues from 2004 and 2006 in PDF format on CD.  Why those two years?  I had queued items from them on Ravelry, and now I have the patterns without tracking down  out-of-print back issues.  One of the items is the Threepenny Pullover.  I have way more than enough yarn to make two or three of them, assuming I would want to.

I have also decided that I have WAY too much yarn.  I need stash-busting projects, and I need them NOW.  I am not good with sticking with them, though.  I always get bogged down in mixing fiber content worries, differing weight problems, etc.  One of these days I'm going to figure out how to weave all my leftover odds and ends together in some kind of fabulous scarf, or something.

If only my color palette wasn't all over the place.

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