Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Miscellaneous: Thoughts not of Gaming

I have been really wrapped up in my knitting and weaving... gaming has been left behind for a while.  So I'll take a day to write here about all the stuff I've been doing that I normally don't talk about.  I know... you're thrilled at the prospect, right?  (We really need a universal sarcasm tag... I'd use the hell out of that thing)

Yesterday I finished three more squares of my afghan while watching old DVDs of "Friday the 13th: The Series"  OMG I had forgotten some of the fashions of the '80s, but there they are... all immortalized on disk.  If anything evil needed to be put back in the vault, it was those chunky earrings and off-the-shoulder sweaters.

After I finished the squares, I sat down with some scraps left over from a pair of jeans I sewed myself last week and slapped together this little cutie:

It's just from straight cuts, with a folded-over pair of handles, and a small applique flower.  I even managed a pocket on the inside, although I didn't plan for a closure on the pocket so it's just there.  I'll remember next time.  Right now though this is all mine.  :D  The flower should fray around the edges the first time I wash it, so it should look really cute.  From concept to being done, it took maybe an afternoon, and it would have been less if I hadn't screwed up with the handles a bit.  Apparently I don't know the difference between thirds and fourths.


  1. Yes, just the sort of thing I'd buy. It's really cute!

  2. Thanks! Just the sort of thing a shop owner likes to hear. :D