Friday, May 14, 2010

Television: Finale Time

Season finale of "Supernatural" aired last night.  It felt like a series finale up until the last ten seconds, but it's been confirmed that there will be another season next year.  Eric Kripke is no longer the show-runner, however, and with this season's big Apocalypse showdown, one wonders what they're going to be able to follow that up with.

I don't want to put spoilers in my blog... with DVR technology, and sites like Hulu, people can wait weeks to watch an episode.  I don't know why they'd want to with "Supernatural", but they can.  Let's just say the season finale was emotionally draining, in the most wonderful way, and they didn't go for the obvious "brotherly love saves the day" ending that I feared they would.  It was more subtly elegant than that.

"Fringe" was interesting this week, with a Peter-centric episode.  Martha Plimpton as a small-town Washington sherrif was very compelling... I smell spin-off potential.

"Chuck" is getting bizarre.  For a secret agent, I don't think Chuck is very secretive.  It seems like everyone who knows him (except the two goofy guys at the Buymore) are going to know his secret.  There seems to be a reappearance of Scott Bakula as Chuck's father in our near future, and I'm always going to be excited about that.

LOST was... confounding.  As Jimmy Kimmel said, if this had been "Seinfeld", this would be like the third-to-last episode being all about the soup nazi.  I get that a big part of understanding the series is understanding the island, but the huge focus on Jacob and his brother (and after 12 years they still didn't pick a name for him?  Ridiculous) was an odd way to go.   I still maintain they wasted half of this season on nothing but crap, now they're rushing through the end.  And the "Adam and Eve" thing is supposed to be proof that they planned this all along?  Bull.  All it proves is that they own a DVD player and re-watched the first season.  Anybody can write crap to fit after the fact.  Unless the man in black and his mother are named Adam and Eve (which would still be stupid) a handful of lines from season one spliced in doesn't prove anything.

A lot of people disagree with me on those points, but it's how I see it.

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