Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knitting: Wrenna... holy cow!

I finished the New Traditions Afghan early yesterday morning, and with several interruptions, started in on the "Wrenna" from French Girl Knits.  Holy cow... this thing flies along!  I mean, I expected it at one stitch per inch, but I'm through 25% of the yarn already.  This is the progress of maybe four hours of knitting:

I realize it's hard to see scale despite the book being in the picture, but that's the beginning of the whole sweater, raglan sleeves and all, not just the back.  I've got a good six inches done.  In one day.  Mind boggling.

The Twinkle yarn, though insanely expensive, is soft to knit with.  It is very, very easy to split, though, especially with the number of decreases that call for passing slipped stitches over.  This stuff is more like pencil roving than yarn.  It is also hard to fit an entire hank onto my ball winder... I have to stop when I'm close to the end and wind the rest on by hand.  Fortunately it only takes four hanks.

It's so much fun to make such fast progress, I may be done before next week's scheduled knitting post!

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