Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gaming: Back to the Ring

Well, the family has re-embraced LotRO as our activity of choice.  When the twelve-year-old calls a kinship (guild) meeting, you know it's serious business.

I spent more time and in-game silver running around helping them with quests than I did knitting this past weekend.  I was not amused.

I have three characters that are the highest in our family, and three minor ones where I just wanted to try out a new class.  My minstrel is the highest, but she's always broke.  She's a Jeweller/Cook (go figure), both very expensive crafting categories.

This past weekend I concentrated mostly on helping them advance, but starting next weekend I think we're going to try doing more of the "Book" quests.  These are the quest lines that follow the storyline of the books, and we've been neglecting them because we never all seem to have time to do these things together.  It doesn't help that Barry has restarted his entire character lineup about 17 times in the lifetime of my best character.

There are, so far, three Volumes, each with 10 to 15 Books in them... each Book is a quest, most of which take an hour or two to complete.  Even just running back to Bree to talk to some random guy, depending on where we are in the world, can take quite a bit of time.  MP stops every ten seconds to mine for ore, B keeps getting jumped by mobs, and I'm usually too broke to use the horse travel network.

Getting the family organized seems to be more of a challenge than fighting our way to the tops of mountains.

LotRO is going free-to-play coming up this fall.  If you would like to join us at that time, or even sooner, contact Diela on the Silverlode server.  I believe the client is already free to download on lotro.com.

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