Friday, June 18, 2010

Television: WTH: U

So I put off watching both halves of the two-part season finale of Stargate: Universe until I had both halves on my DVR.  I shouldn't have bothered, because it ended in a cliffhanger anyway.  I really knew better.  I think I must have missed something in one of the other Stargate series, because this enemy coalition trying to take over the Destiny is new to me, even though they're presented as a long-standing problem.

  I'm getting more excited about where the show is headed, even though I'm still not comfortable with the obvious "Battlestar Galactica" clone-edness they're going for.  I'm all for a good, dramatic, soap-opera in space, but for the love of all that is holy, a show *can* be too gritty and "real".  The introduction of this new enemy faction may be an attempt to fix what I've seen as a problem, though... that eventually the civillian and military factions would stop fighting so damn much.  Eventually everyone would recognize that they're all stuck on the same boat, and that would end about half of the drama of the show.  But here's an idea... gate down to a few more damn planets and stop worrying about the people quite so much.  Earthlings stuck far from home... boo friggen hoo.  Nobody watches a Stargate series for the Earthlings... we're far more excited by what's at the end of the wormhole.

Bring on the Wraith!  Bring on the Goa'uld!  Bring on the SG:U equivalent! 

Or is that the problem?

By presenting us with a ship the Earthlings can't control and gates that can't be used until the ship stops, have you painted yourself in a corner?  The Destiny just hopped between galaxies... how can you possibly create an enemy that can keep up?

I say forget damned Battlestar Galactica... the show ended stupid, and should not be an example for anyone.  Instead, take a page from Star Trek: Voyager, another ship of humans (and vulcans and betazoids) stuck far from home.  Make it about the journey.

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