Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knitting: Sock-size frenzy

For some reason, perhaps influenced by my hefty stash, I've been drawn to fingering-weight yarn projects of late.  Next payday I'm ordering some long-desired sock books and a skinny yarns book that looks promising.

I've started the Tempest sweater for my daughter, since she wore the pink one I made to tatters last year.  Well, not tatters, but there are some snags, worn spots, and a general dingy quality to it.  She is also growing like a weed, both up and out, so a size adjustment was necessary anyway.

Inspired by my Mr. Foster adventure, I attempted some free-form amigurumi knitted animals with leftover yarns.  Other than a noticeable hole where the neck meets the body, my first attempt at a giraffe is passable.  However, I am running out of the yarn I used.  How much orange does one buy, anyway?

I am also tempted to cast on another Girly Top, but I have strayed very far from my one-project-at-a-time resolution, so I need to focus and whittle things down.  I am nearly done with the Valkyrie socks, but they are sized more for little Monkey Pants than myself.  I have very narrow, long feet.  Apparently I need to remember that when I try on the toes and estimate the rest of the sock.

I am also strongly tempted to order some of the current crop of Knit Picks sock kits... if only they were just the patterns and not the yarn.  I seriously need to adhere to a yarn diet.


  1. Maybe it's the weather? I'm on my second pair of socks this week and I've been on Ravelry's destash group grabbing all the reasonably priced BMFA yarn I can get my grubby little paws on.

  2. That probably has a lot to do with it. :D Especially here in TX.