Friday, June 4, 2010

Television: Bitten by the real Glee bug

Okay, so I decided to watch the pilot and the Joss Whedon directed episode of Glee, because I am THAT big of a Joss Whedon suck-up.  Well, naturally after watching the pilot I bought all the following episodes on Amazon because it was amazing.  And I'm a sucker that way.  The funny part is, hubby got hooked too.  We ended up watching all of season one up to current in the space of a week.

Funny how my highschool didn't have glee club... we had the even geekier Madrigal Singers  (think glee club for renaissance faire) which I didn't participate in because I was the madrigal magician's assistant.  Don't ask.

My point is, those kids aren't even close to being geeks.  All it would take is one huge number by the guys in the cafeteria, and they'd be fine.  Try doing that when you're in harlequin outfits and pantaloons.

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