Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knitting: Tang and Gabriel

I'm working two projects concurrently right now... a striped "Tang" sweater from Custom Knits that was put into hibernation briefly last month while I waited for additional yarn to come in, and the "Gabriel's Wings" shawl I'm doing for the Supernatural Fans group KAL.  They've tagged it the #dickswithwingsshawl.  It's a line from the show.  I think I'm the oldest gal in that group, because I still cringe when I use that tag and remember that my mother reads my blog through my notes on Facebook.  Hi, Mom.

The shawl is actually going *too* fast, as it's supposed to be a summer-long project.  I may  cut back to only working on it on Thursdays when the KAL picks episodes to watch in place of the normally-aired episodes while the season is running.  It's not like I can wear it until summer is waaaay over anyway.

The Tang sweater was supposed to use up the yarn I had leftover from the New Traditions Afghan kit, but in order to make it look right, I wanted to do the bottom, neck, and sleeves in Oyster Heather, and I didn't quite have *that* much left over.  Thus, the order of extra.  And the waiting.  Again, can't wear it for at least a few months.

Queued up on Ravelry to follow though is a series of stuff I can wear this summer, including Entralac Socks, the Craic socks by Three Irish Girls, and of course the Foster monkeys, which I still have not started.  I swear, they will get done.  Do you know why I've been putting it off?  My poly-fiberfill is buried in my closet, and I don't want to dig it out.  Yeah.  Lame excuse, but if you saw the closet, you'd fear for your life too.

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