Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knitting: Mr. Foster meets a unicorn

I finished the Supernatural Knitalong shawl, "Gabriel's Wings" a couple days ago.  I then totally forgot my New Year's resolution to only work one project at a time and went into a casting-on frenzy.  I *finally* started the Mr. Foster stuffed animal kit, Monkey Business.  I've had the thing for quite a while.

Sock monkeys trouble me, though, especially in the colors presented by the Knit Picks kits.  I think I need to ask a few of my friends if they're still considered a throwback to a time when racist representations were commonplace.  I did a google search and found out that a recent media scandal involved a toy company creating a representation of President Obama in sock-monkey form.  I think I'd feel much more comfortable if the kits were in purple, or orange.  I have a crap-ton of sport-weight cotton in purples, greens, and fuschias... I may make Mrs. Foster out of one of those instead.  She may clash with her frilly pink Rio dress, but I'll feel better letting my daughter play with it.

My husband just wants me to finish Mr. Foster's sailor uniform so he can make him say "Ahoy!" a lot.  Then again, Barronius is not the most PC individual.

I've also started a smoke ring scarf in Knit Pick's Imagination sock yarn, in the Unicorn colorway.  I think I would LOVE to make socks out of the Imagination yarn if I could get the exact same base yarn in solid colors for heels and toes.  Unfortunately it is the ONLY yarn they carry with that particular fiber content and ply-style.  It is soft, yummy stuff though.  It has just enough halo to make it snuggly.

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