Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Knitting: Guesstimation

I'm starting a knit-along today so let me throw the hashtag in: #dickswithwingsshawl

I have roughly six rows of ribbing and then I am *really* done with my Girly Top.  I said this exact same thing yesterday on Ravelry, but today it's actually true.  It's amazing what a difference ONE line in a pattern can make.  Nobody warned about little lines that say "Do four more rounds, then repeat"

It did not help that an expansion pack showed up yesterday afternoon.  "Sims 3: Ambitions"  You just have to install it and reboot the machine right?  And uh... you know, test it to make sure it didn't break anything.

Today I start the Supernatural group knit-along, the "Gabriel's Wings" shawl.  It's fairly simple, so I'm thinking I'll be okay with it.  Normally I frog shawls about halfway through, but this time I think I'll go the distance.  And if I finish before the summer is over I might make another one with that Noro Silk garden I still have left, because it's too scratchy for sweaters.  Seriously, WHY is that crap so popular?  There are plenty of cotton/wool blend knock-off yarns with the long color repeats that are much softer.  You know I found vegetable matter in the Noro I used for my Jewell sweater?  Not just once, either.  Yeesh.

Well, I ordered one of the knock-offs from Paradise fibers last week.... just enough for Jared's Noro Striped scarf... we'll see how it measures up.

In the meantime, I'm doing the KAL with some Knit Picks yarn whose colorway is named "Make Believe".  Should be fun!

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