Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gaming: El Presidente

There was no leftover steak yesterday.  Bummer.

My mornings have been consumed with completing the campaign on Tropico 3, still.  My little banana-republic sim-citizens are surprisingly demanding and difficult to please.  Try saving $500,000 in the treasury when you can't even build tier-2 industry buildings for the first twenty years!  Oy.

I have very little of the campaign left to complete, but I still have not tried any of the user-created challenges yet.  I did glance through the list yesterday, and they look promising.  The only problem I have with the game is when I'm broke and waiting for a ship to come in and get paid, I might as well be knitting at my computer.  I suppose some people follow their little citizens around, watching their daily little lives, but I'm not that voyeuristic.

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