Sunday, March 22, 2009

Am I pleading or whining?

I have been a loyal customer of for many, many years. I want to say at least eight years... possibly as many as ten, since I do recall buying toys for my daughter when she was quite young.

Amazon used to be cool. It was a treat to shop there, and maybe it was because I spent so much money with them, but they used to send me a little gift around Christmas time. Nothing fancy, maybe an insulated coffee mug with their logo on it or something, but I used to feel valued. I used to feel like they really appreciated me.

Now I feel like they're dirty money-grubbers angling to get my money.

It was little things at first. They stopped sending gifts. The little section below the main item you were looking at stopped giving you an added percentage off the item if you purchased it with another suggested item (yes, they used to do this!). Then, in what seemed like a wooing gesture, they offered Prime membership. At first, this was great. I purchased enough from them that I got my membership fee back several times over every year in free two-day shipping.

Then one day, after using my husband's computer to browse for some business supplies, the truth hit me... Prime members were getting charged higher prices on items than standard members. One piece of equipment was *forty dollars* higher on my account than it was on my husband's.

Amazon, I used to love you, but it's over now. I may give you the occasional drunken call at 1am for cheaper books, but we have no future together.

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