Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bring out yer dead...

I was seriously contemplating going to the emergency room yesterday.

On Friday, little Aquamarine (or Monkey Pants, as she is sometimes affectionately known) came down with a nasty virus. It was a good thing she spoke up when she did, because otherwise its volcanic effects would have ruined the day of about 30 kids on the schoolbus right at the beginning of their half day before Spring Break. Then nobody would have had any fun all week long.

By Saturday afternoon, she was fine, but then I succumbed. I am not rebounding as fast as the mighty mite, however. I have that same icky feeling you get after a round with some really powerful antibiotics. I won't gross you out with the symptoms that made me think I was bound for the emergency room, but lets just say I looked and felt like a horse that had eaten too many green apples, with no relief in sight. It got to the point where I was pacing from one end of the house to the other, hoping for results.

Fortunately Barronius (the hubby-beast) has not succumbed, despite his rather touching attendance to the ill and near-dead in the house this weekend. He must be washing his hands like I warned him to repeatedly. He's a very manly-man in that respect... thinks that no germ would ever dare touch him. I shall hate to be there when something does, because I'm pretty sure his lack of experience will make him a very whiny patient.

Anyhoo... the point of this whole thing is to explain my brief absence, and let y'all know that packages may ship out slowly for a bit. I'm going to be performing a serious decon on everything as soon as the energy levels get back up to par.

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