Monday, March 23, 2009


Ah, spring. Warmer weather, goofy pastel colors everywhere... in the grocery store, on the tv, in little dyed eggs. And pollen. Yeah.

Spring break for the little moppet ended today... it's back to school. This means mom gets to go back to work (especially now that I'm not at death's door). I had *fully intended* to go ahead and do some video blogging during spring break, but between my bout with that virus, and monkeypants being home, my HOUSE was not presentable enough. And my energy level just wasn't up to a huge cleaning. Now I'm getting that urge to spring clean... get the germy nasties out, etc. So expect the video to start again soon.

But no, I will not videotape me *cleaning*. There are lines I will not cross.

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