Thursday, March 5, 2009

I suppose I should say something...

I've been putting off making my next entry because I'm waiting on a friend to vet a surprise thing I'm doing... but she hasn't gotten to it yet so it's in a holding pattern. Possibly tomorrow though!

New rovings are up in the shop, and there will be a third tomorrow. Tomorrow is Mom's Day Off but I'll still list the last of the triad. They're all named after foods... and no, I'm not on a diet. I don't know what happened there.

Expecting a big purchase from Fire Mountain gems tomorrow, so more jewelry in the weeks to come. I had my first jewelry purchase from my Etsy shop yesterday, so that's good timing. Very motivational.

Something less motivational happened this week that I'm mortified about, because it is my fault in the sense that I trusted someone else in my family to take care of part of my business, and then they screwed up. I don't like total self-reliance in everything, but in the case of my baby business, I should have taken care of such things myself. My bad. I hope it turns out okay.

Sorry about the vague, but after my "Social networking" post last week, I just don't want to air everything to the world, ya know?

Sometimes when I blog, I remember this creative writing class I took in college. I don't know if you've heard of my professor, the "mad hugger" (it was on TV back in the 80s... one of the news programs, I don't remember which) but he was my creative writing proff, and he asked us to do journal entries which we then turned in. He commented on them, saying they were very candid... got an A. I think my point is though that I don't filter stuff I put here very often. They feel like diary entries when I do them. I try to keep them on-topic for fiber, knitting, and the shop, but yeah... it's my only blog, so I do vent sometimes.

Thanks for reading, in any case.

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