Monday, March 2, 2009

Did Renoir or Monet have a lilac period?

I think I understand all the comments which have made their way into mainstream humor/punnage about an artist's "blue" period. I think I'm in a red/purple/hot pink phase, and I'm trying my best to break out of it, but it's making me insane. It is really, really hard to stay away from red. Purple, yeah, I lovelovelove it, but I don't have to put it on every roving I paint or dye. But red... ah red.

It doesn't help that when I was trying to find my "signature" red, I bought about six different shades of Jacquard red. Even if I reach into the dye cupboard and randomly pick something, odds are it will be red.

And it goes with damn near just about everything. I can even make it work with green.

Well as I type this, I am steaming four new braids (two each of new colorways) that are definitely using reds. In fact one is probably going to be named "Blood Orange" because it contains two shades of red and a burnt orange shade that's pretty awesome. Instead of breaking from my color rut, I changed things up by using a more direct method of applying dye with a paint brush instead of my usual drizzling. I think I'll have fewer surprises when I pull them out of the steamer as far as colors migrating, but I'm concerned that all the wet manipulation of the wool surface with a paintbrush is going to make things felt-y. We shall see.

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