Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On the horizon

Two colors of roving drying in the drying room today. A new, experimental "one should not dye stuff when they're on the verge of getting sick" colorway, and an old favorite, "Purple Heart". It took forever for my roving supplier to send me out my last order, apparently because they couldn't come up with a full 8oz. of the merino/silk blend I purchased as a treat/experiment for a week.

Naturally I am now afraid to dye it. :/

I am tempted to dye it in "Beth's Roses" so I can spin up some laceweight for the Mystic Roses KAL I joined. The still-slightly ill and procrastinating part of me wonders if I can dye it, spin it (and spin enough of it), and have the yarn *ready* for the start of the knitalong. I'm thinking no.

I do have four undyed hanks of the natural version of Knitpick's Palette yarn. That has more yardage (undyed) than the author used for her shawl, but less than the recommended amount. I *could* also knit it up undyed, and then try the hand-painted post-knit dyeing technique I've seen floating around Ravelry lately. I'd get to set up my large vertical silk-painting steamer. I'd also have to buy dye thickener to keep the colors in place. Ah, decisions decisions.

*eyeroll* As though I've ever finished a shawl I've started yet. *snort*

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