Thursday, March 12, 2009

Videos and fuzzy stuff

I went for it yesterday and uploaded *two* new videos to my YouTube channel. My friend Iggy is considering a ballwinder and swift, so I showed her how nicely they work together... had I known there were a bazillion youtube videos about that exact thing, I probably would have pointed her to one, but oh well. :D The other was more spinning.

This morning I am working on a video about recreating "Wine in a Copper Vessel" which was a very awesome couple of braids of merino/tencel I did a few months ago. Here is a picture of the old one that was already sold:

Now that's the stuff. I really, really, really wanted to keep that one. Oh so very much. But I think I have enough yarn and fiber to outlive me, so I can't keep everything. Just my "Ooops" collection will keep me spinning for years.

I am so very tempted to save my spending budget from hubby for a month or two, and buy an entire bump of roving. This is 352 ounces, or would divide up into 88 four ounce units. Dat's a lot of roving. I don't do it because hubby's quitting smoking has failed in an epic way, and I can't really nag him about it again *right now*. The next time he's feeling broke and unhealthy, though, I'm going to lay it on really thick. There may be pie charts.

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