Monday, March 9, 2009

Springtime Mondays

Despite all my daylight savings time prep yesterday, my alarm still didn't go off as scheduled. I have an iPod docking alarm clock, and apparently it was knocked askew sometime over the weekend and the batteries were completely drained. I guess this means I have to set the second alarm to the *beep* setting for five minutes after the music one.

I dashed off a really quick video of me making some stitch markers Saturday. Hubby and little doodle made a surprise hour-long trip to the park, so I dashed around like a madwoman and got this recorded. I was just sitting down to my editing suite when they came home.

There was very little time for planning, lol.

On deck for this week... I designed a very bold necklace of hammered brass links and striking glass beads from my big order that came in Friday. Unfortunately, even at 4pm in the afternoon, the downstairs neighbors got irate while I was hammering and pounded on the ceiling. For TWO YEARS I have put up with their slamming their front door so hard it knocks pictures over on my shelves, but they're going to complain at 4pm on a Sunday?! Jackasses. So I only got 3/4 of the links done. I plan to do the rest this morning once we hit 9am. I'm hoping they'll still be asleep so I can give them a piece of my mind if they actually come to my door to complain. I've heard they're moving out, so getting all snarky about noise at this point seems odd and childish.

I also plan to dye up some more roving. I'm expecting a new shipment of Brown Sheep Superwash sometime this week, and someone has requested my first colorway, "Purple Heart" through a convo. It's been a while since I've made it, mostly because I felt like I used purple in *everything* so I was avoiding it. Also, my perfect Glad container for doing one braid's worth of roving in the microwave has mysteriously disappeared. I think the hub-beast may have thrown it away. :/ I shall have to make a run down the street to the HEB grocery and see if they have them in stock, but they won't be the Christmas Green that I used to have.

There are also some supplies coming in from Dick Blick art supplies... but those contents are a surprise. Lets just say I plan to get really creative with my pendants and necklace focal pieces.

We Etsy sellers must do what we can to be unique and individual, yes?

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