Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dyeing and Store Stuff: Come on, it's the teens now.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the prototype for the "Sweetheart Nightie" is finished. Now, if only the Joann Fabrics website people would get off their heinies and MAIL my package that contains not only the zipper for my daughter's sweater (knitting of which was completed late last night) and the lingerie strap parts I need for the slip-dress/nightie, then I'd feel like I could move forward.

We're in the teens people... as in twenty-teens. 2010. We're supposed to have maniacal computers in space-stations ruining our lives. Apparently as a race we can't seem to give up doing that for ourselves. :P My point is though that what should have been two-day priority mail shipping has taken TWO WEEKS, and it doesn't even look like it left their warehouse yet. WTF?

Get with it people. It's well into the computer age, get with the program. My Grandmother handles technological change better than you.

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