Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knitting: Done with Fancypants

I am done with the fancypants mittens, and quite honestly I never want to make another pair.  It was an all-around fussy, frustrating experience, all for a pair of mittens that lets the cold air in through the HUGE cuffs the designer put on every pair.  HUGE.  The ones I made are ONE THIRD the  length of those called for, and they come up to my mid-forearm.  The cuffs are also big enough to smuggle doughnuts in.  I'm seriously considering adding some kind of elastic or drawstring to keep the cold air out.

I have started on the Knit Picks Classic Lines Cardigan.  In fact, I'm done with one sleeve.  This is going to be another one of those "barely there" cardigans, which I knew going in because it's made of two stranded laceweight.  I had to start over at one point too, because I wasn't happy with the contrast of the Sherry shimmer with the Hot Rod Shadow... so I switched the Shimmer color to Galaxy, a sort of purple color.  I guess my Minnesota upbringing thinks a sweater should be a weighty thing, not lingerie-like.  One sleeve took me two days... I'm hoping the whole sweater, knit in the round and steeked for the front opening, will take a week. 

My order from Knit Picks arrives on Thursday, if the tracking information is accurate.  I ordered some more #7 DPNs (I really have to get out of the habit of using them as hair sticks) and a sweater's worth of Cottlin in "Planetarium".  After knitting the Sweetheart Nightie, I'm craving a cotton pullover.  I'm thinking about the "Threepenny Pullover" but that's not set in stone yet.  The yarn is the wrong guage for one thing.

I could go with the "Delphine" from French Girl Knits, but that's a little too summery right now.  I may just save the yarn for later, which pains me, since I've been doing so good with my "knit-from-stash-or-right-when-you-get-the-yarn" resolution.  Maybe I'll just knit a second pair of the Spot Check socks with the gazillion skeins of sock yarn I have lying around.  We'll see.

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