Monday, January 18, 2010

Food: Taking a Sick Day

Well, to be honest, a whole week. I thought we had these colds licked, but it turns out they were just hiding so they could regroup. My sinuses hate me at the moment.

It's an opportunity to dig out some of the more spicy items I have stashed in the freezer though. I have one dinner of a really spicy chicken curry that shall be making an appearance this week, with some of my white rice purchased on sale as a side.

I am just now noticing that I still have a crap-ton of cake mixes from the sale extravaganza last fall... the 10 for $10 deals? Fortunately we are fans of the sweets, but honestly... that's a lot of cake. Even baking one a month (and that's pushing it, because the cake pan takes up a lot of space in the fridge) I'm set for the next year. And no, I refuse to eat it all myself. My hips and I thank you for the thought, though.

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