Friday, January 15, 2010

Television: Previously on...

The Dharma dye people keep sending me promotional emails when they put their non-dyed items on sale, which, considering I'm currently up to the fourth season of LOST on my re-watch rotation, I'm finding it both creepy and amusing. Since I always seem to inexplicably miss the last two or three episodes of LOST every season, last night I got to finally see the season closer for S3. Some things make more sense, some are just baffling, and some things I KNEW were coming.

Hello, Christian and Claire. Yes Jack, Aaron is your Nephew. Now grow a pair and kick the pill habit.

And someone explain to me why the Oceanic six need to lie about the island to protect the people who are still on it, when it has been proven time and again that if anyone actively goes looking for the island, they are unable to find it? And, hey, plus it's MOVED?

Also, this time around I finally noticed that the guy on the training videos has used a different name for himself in each one. I also want to go googling to see if anyone has compiled a list of the books on the show. I've got "Carrie" "The Shining" and "Watership Down" covered, and possibly some of the Philip K. Dick, but some of the more esoteric ones (was the Russian book "Catch-22"?) might stick me.

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