Friday, January 22, 2010

Television: Recycling X-Files Scripts... go GREEN!

TV is back on again!  If you're like me, the hiatus over the holidays makes for some serious boredom.  Fortunately, we've made it through another year, and the shows are starting to trickle back in through the office building doors, dragging their feet back to the cubicles.  Much like we (okay, you guys) did.

Fantastic things this week, I don't know where to begin!

First, the premiere of a mid-season replacement series... Human Target.  Since you all are not the rabid Rick Springfield fans that I am, you are not aware that they tried to create this show several years ago with Rick in the leading role.  Now they have some Daniel Craig wannabe.  Once I got past that, I enjoyed this show.  Nice action, interesting characters, and enough mystery to keep me shouting at the TV (The bartender has a gun!  DUCK!!).  As long as the blonde cylon chick isn't a recurring character, I'll be happy.

Supernatural had a new episode last night, but I'm saving it to watch later today when I can cackle with glee.  Apparently Dean drops his pants.  *snicker*

Fringe was also back, with what looks like a recycled X-files script that never made it to production.  How a 75-million year old virus fits in with "the Pattern" is beyond me.  Are they even touting "the Pattern" as a plot point anymore?  You know, I was hoping that Fringe would keep the mythology episodes to a minimum, but now this is getting ridiculous.  I take it back, okay?

LOST is still premiering on February 2nd, despite a brief scare that the State of the Union address would conflict.  Now there are nutballs in some LOST forums I frequent claiming that the president must be a fan, or that public pressure made him reschedule.  Puh-lease.  I hope they're joking.  It would be nice if he'd schedule that during the holiday hiatus... like say, a week ago?  I'd bet more people would watch.

Now, if only V would come back.  I miss it terribly.

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